When you are starting a business with other people, it’s important to agree how you will operate the business in future: the overall commercial direction you’re going in, how decisions will be made, who will be a director/partner, what happens if one of you wants to leave the business.

It makes sense to put this agreement in writing, so that there is no dispute with your fellow shareholders (or partners), and to help avoid future conflict. This is where we can help, by preparing a formal shareholder agreement (or partnership agreement).

If you are joining or investing in an existing business, you will need to review any existing agreement, or (if no agreement exists) propose one to your future partners/fellow shareholders.

We regularly advise future and current business owners/partners on how to structure these agreements. Our service includes:

  • Detailed discussion with you about your business, and your plans for the future
  • Advice on how decisions will be made in the business, the weight carried by the votes of individual partners/shareholders, and director appointments and other roles
  • Advice on the disposal/transfer of the share of the business of a partner/shareholder who leaves or retires, and on non-compete and other restrictive covenants
  • Preparation of partnership deed/shareholder agreement
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For more information, see our guide to Shareholder Agreements.

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