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If you’re looking for legal advice about family issues, business disputes or other personal concerns, Feakes & Co Solicitors in Newport will be with you in every step of the way. For over 20 years in the legal services, our Newport Law Firm has dealt with different complicated cases where both parties agreed a satisfactory end result. With the straightforward advice, knowledge and expertise of our solicitors in Newport, Feakes & Co Solicitors have become the recommended lawyers in the Legal 500 Guide to Law Firms. 

Not every client is the same and neither is the legal service they require. Our Newport law firm give clients the attention they deserve. We show care, compassion and exert our full potential at all times regardless of the weight of your legal concern. For our solicitors in Newport, Gwent , no issue is too big or small and the effort we expend are the highest standards. 

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Why Choose Feakes & Co. Solicitors Newport Law Firm

For every case our Newport law firm handles, we want our clients to make the right decision. We understand the reason you came to us is to give a solution to an outstanding legal issue and to avoid future complications. The law is already a complex term and you need not worry about understanding every branch of it to choose the right decision. Our solicitors in Newport will thoroughly study your legal issue to give advice that is simple, honest and effective. 

Will Writing Services with Solicitors in Newport, Gwent

Why is a Will important? When our local clients come to our Newport law firm for the creation of Wills, this has been the first question we always receive. 

Writing a Will is important as it allows you to decide what happens to your possessions after your death. It can prevent you and your loved ones paying more inheritance tax than you need to. Creation of Wills can be difficult on your part as it requires a lot to consider who will take part of your possessions when you pass on and we understand the hassle of the whole process. With our Will expert solicitors in Newport, Gwent, we assist you with things to consider, and also write out the Will with you.  Being prepared to ensure that the people you love and your possessions are taken care for is what we are here for. 

At Feakes & Co. law firm in Newport,  we pride ourselves on making the procedure of Will creation less difficult for our local clients, freeing them of the stress this process may cause.  We will sit with you, listen to your story and lay out a perfect Will that meets all your needs. Our professional and experienced Will solicitors in Newport, Gwent will make sure your wishes are addressed in line with regulatory law so that you and your family don’t need to worry about anything when the time finally comes. 

It is also wise and strongly advised to review your Will every few years to check whether it needs to be updated.

All initial enquiries are completely free of charge. If you are looking for an advocate and solicitor in Newport, Gwent please call us now on  01633358888, email, or complete our Online Enquiry form for a free no-obligation discussion, and let us explain your legal rights and options.

Feakes & Co. Newport Law Firm Services

In recent times, our Law firm in Newport have dealt with cases such as boundary disputes where an end result was reached by both parties agreeing to enlist the services of a surveyor along with our investigative work. On a personal level when another client in the local area needed to address matters when a family member had passed away, our solicitors in Newport were asked to advise on releasing funds from a family member’s estate after they had died. We understand that this is a difficult and emotional time, that’s why we deal with each and every case with empathy and respect. In this instance court intervention was needed to ensure that the correct parties were owed what they were promised in the will. 

This is just a few examples of our solicitors in Newport, Gwent’s  work with clients, but our portfolio stretches much further. Call Feakes & Co law firm in Newport today for a comprehensive and confidential discussion about how our legal advice and services can help you.

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Contracts and Agreements

Secure your benefits and avoid disputes. Write your contracts & agreements with Feakes & Co Solicitors in Newport, Gwent.

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Professional Negligence

Avoid further financial loss caused by poor adviser performance. File a professional negligence claim with the help of your Newport law firm solicitors.

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Making a Will

Make a perfect plan for what you want to happen when you pass. Call your solicitors in Newport for creation of Will.


Lasting Power of Attorney

Protect your assets only with the people you trust. Create a lasting power of Attorney with your solicitors in Newport, Gwent to give them full legal access and make decisions on your behalf.

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