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When you are entering into any property transaction whether buying, selling, re-mortgaging, or transferring equity, our conveyancing team will make sure that everything goes smoothly. We want you to be clear about your options and feel confident that your timescales are also important to us. Find out more.

Recovering Possession Of Your Property

As the landlord of a house/flat or commercial premises such as an office or factory, you will occasionally need to take steps to obtain possession of your property. The tenant may be in arrears with the rent, or be refusing to leave after the tenancy ends. Sometimes you will need to obtain possession to carry out essential repairs. Find out more.
Whatever the reason, the process of recovering possession is not easy, and mistakes can be costly. We can advise you on your situation and the best way to proceed without tripping up.

Boundary Disputes

The boundary between your property and your neighbour’s can cause problems if the exact line of the boundary is not clear in the deeds. New buildings, extensions, walls, etc., will often be placed on the boundaries between properties. Boundary disputes can assume an emotional importance out of proportion to the size or value of the land involved. Disputes can last a long time, be complex, and physically and financially draining for all involved.
The best approach to a disputed boundary line is to aim for a quick solution agreed by both sides. We can advise you on your situation and the best way to proceed without tripping up.

Easements/Rights Of Way

An easement is a right to use or access someone else’s property. It might be the right to cross your neighbour’s land to get to a public road, or to use a septic tank on your neighbour’s land, or to run pipes, drains and cables. Easements are usually created when property is bought and sold, but you can also acquire an easement by ‘prescription’, if you have used it continuously for many years.

Adverse Possession

You can claim ownership of an area of land that did not previously belong to you, if you have possessed it without interruption for a long period of time. This is known as ‘adverse possession’. The rules are complicated, and you will need to prove not just how long you have possessed the land, but how your possession began.
We can advise and represent you in the following areas.

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