Contract disputes can arise in business and in everyday life. For instance, where a supplier does not provide what you have paid for. Or a builder does not complete your extension. Or it could be an online retailer sending you the wrong goods, or a contractor carrying out their work badly or not at all.

A breach of contract generally occurs when one party fails to meet its obligations. It does not generally matter whether a contract was verbal, written in a document, or even implied through conduct. It can still be legally binding. One party should be able to expect the other party to it keep to the contract terms.

​Compensation For Breach Of Contract

Compensation (or ‘damages’) for breach of contract puts you in the same position as if the contract had been performed. For example, you might be entitled to compensation for the profit you would have made if the contract had been performed. Alternatively, you might be entitled to get back your wasted expenditure. That means you can recover the costs you have incurred in the expectation of the contract being performed.

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