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When clients in Lydney come to us for legal advice and legal services, they know that they can rely on Feakes & Co to provide them with more than 20 years of experience dealing with all matter of cases. As we are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority we’re recognised for providing expert knowledge on a professional and personal level. From the moment you turn to us for advice, our confidential client care will see you through the whole journey to get the results you want.

From business issues in the Lydney area such as contracts and agreements, dispute resolution and litigation as well as company or partnership disputes, solicitors in Lydney can help you. On the other hand, perhaps you’re looking for personal advice on family matters such as will disputes, employment or work problems, property litigation or contentious probate. Feakes & Co understand that it can be an emotional time and we ensure to deliver a service that is sensitive and addresses your needs.

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Our practical experience in the Lydney area is far reaching and our portfolio of cases is relied upon time and time again thanks to our decades of expert knowledge and actions. Numerous case studies include the breakdown of marriage where we need to intervene on a partnership agreement to settle who owns what share. Other examples include putting in place methods to become sole business owners of a firm. Negotiating the settlement of a claim, debt cases in Lydney , the list goes on and on. Our clients in Lydney instrust Feakes & Co to pursue their legal issues with confidence and professional knowledge to get the results you want.

Creating Your Will | Will Writing Services in Lydney

One of the most frequent questions that our solicitors are asked is “why is a will important?” A will is important as a will lets you to decide what is done with your money, property and possessions following your death. It also helps to prevent you paying more inheritance tax than needed. At Feakes and Co. in Lydney , we know that creating a will can be difficult. But with our team, we aim to make the process hassle-free, removing any stress that writing a will can cause. 

Our solicitors in Lydney, who are both experienced and professional, are able to provide you with advice and help you write a will that is tailored to your needs. It’s brilliant news if you are one of the 1 in 3 people in the UK who has a will. However, we advise that you review your will every few years to check if it needs to be changed or updated. If you already have a will but would like to ensure it is up to date, get touch with our team today. If you are yet to write a will, our experts can also assist you by creating a will that is personalised to you and that you are able to understand fully.

All initial enquiries are completely free of charge. Call us now on  01291 639280 or  01633 358888 , email, or complete our Free Online Enquiry for a free no-obligation discussion, and let us explain your legal rights and options.

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