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As a law firm & solicitors in Forest of Dean authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, registered in England and Wales, Feakes & Co’s portfolio of services can assist you with dispute resolutions no matter how big or small. Our track record of getting the right results for our clients in the Forest of Dean is highly recommended and respected in the area. 

Just less than half an hour from Coleford, our Chepstow office is easily accessible for all areas of the Forest of Dean. Conveniently located at Riverside Court in Chepstow, we are a team of local solicitors delivering fantastic results.

Our expert knowledge and decades of experience in personal and professional cases is testament to our client satisfaction in the Forest of Dean area. That’s why each and every case that comes to us is dealt with complete confidentiality and pursued with the same passion and drive that you have about the issue.

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At Feakes & Co, we understand that heritage is at the heart of a number of our clients in the Forest of Dean. So much so that some families have lived and worked in the area for decades if not centuries. This is where disputes can arise. Land ownership is one of biggest enquiries in the area.

That’s why our local knowledge is key when questions about land ownership arise, as we have the right contacts and expertise in the field to bring successful results in the Forest of Dean over land disputes. Of course our portfolio stretches much wider than this, on both an individual level and with businesses too.


Will Writing Services with Feakes & Co. Solicitors Forest of Dean

Having a will  is an excellent way to ensure that everything is in order with regards to your possessions following your death. A well-crafted Will ensures your wishes are followed after you pass away, making sure all your assets are dealt with as you intended. 

We at Feakes & Co. Solicitors Forest of Dean pride ourselves on making the procedure of Will creation less difficult always ensuring that our clients’ needs are met and they leave this world knowing their family is taken care of.

Start drafting your will with our expert solicitors in Forest of Dean.

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Avoid Disputes Between Business Partners with a Well Drafted Partnership Agreement

If you’re starting the business with an existing friend, family member or colleague then there are many reasons why you may want to set up a business under a partnership agreement. A good partnership agreement will prevent misunderstandings and disagreements which could cause the business to fail.

A fully comprehensive Partnership Agreement is essential for any business, new or old, who wish to ensure that the right decisions are made on how best to split their profits and share responsibilities. Feakes & Co. Solicitors Forest of Dean offers expert legal advice for anyone looking to form a partnership business. A well drafted Agreement can save you time and money in the event of future disputes between partners

If you’re looking to start a new partnered business and draft a new Partnership & Shareholder Agreement or need help on reviewing and making changes to the current agreement, our solicitors Forest of Dean can provide all the legal services you require.

Create a Partnership & Shareholder Agreement



Improve your Cash Flow and Eliminate Outstanding Debts with Debt Recovery Solicitors in Forest of Dean

Feakes & Co solicitors in Forest of Dean have represented many professional clients who want results when it comes to business-to-business debts under the Late Payment Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. The list of our legal advice and accounts is endless and our track record of getting the right results fast ensures that you can trust Feakes & Co. The journey begins with our free one-to-one enquiry service where together we can get to the bottom of the dispute and begin recovery one positive step at a time.

With our customers from the Forest, we have worked on a diverse range of cases and are proud to have built strong professional relationships with our customers. Previous customers that we have provided legal advice for have come from Bream, Yorkley, Whitecroft, Clearwell and the surrounding areas. With our local knowledge and years of experience, we are able to deliver a second to none service and achieve the desired results. To find out if we can help you with your legal enquiry, please get in touch with our team today on 01291 639 280.

What To Do If Your Professional Adviser Has Made A Mistake

Contracts and Agreements

Create a constructed contract & agreement with your solicitors in Forest of Dean to reduce the risk of false employment claims.

How Your Employment Contracts Can Protect Your Business

Professional Negligence

Get compensated for your financial damages due to service negligence with the help of your expert solicitors in Forest of Dean.

Solicitors in Forest of Dean Will Writing Services

Making a Will

Plan ahead of what should happen to your properties when you pass. Keep your wishes and Will updated with your solicitors in Forest of Dean

What To Do If Your Professional Adviser Has Made A Mistake

Lasting Power of Attorney

With the help of your trusted solicitors in Forest of Dean, allow someone to make the best decisions for you and your properties with lasting power of attorney.

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